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20/12/2021 Change of Registry address

14/12/2021 Change of Director's Interest Notice

08/12/2021 Nuggety Reef Drilling Commenced - Maldon Goldfield

29/11/2021 Change of Director's Interest Notice

17/11/2021 Results of Annual General Meeting

15/11/2021 Maldon Goldfield - Exploration Results

08/11/2021 A1 Gold Mine - First Queens Lode Ore Processed and Final Exploration Results

29/10/2021 Quarterly Activities Report

29/10/2021 Quarterly Cashflow Report

18/10/2021 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

18/10/2021 Letter to Shareholders - Annual General Meeting

18/10/2021 Kaiser appoints highly regarded General Manager - Mining

14/10/2021 Change of Director's interest notice x 3 

13/10/2021 Application for quotation of securities

13/10/2021 Investor Webinar

12/10/2021 Appendix 3G

12/10/2021 Application for quotation of securities

08/10/2021 Queens Lode - A1 Gold Mine Milestone and Drilling Results

06/10/2021 Rights Issue Offer Closure and Results

01/10/2021 Corporate Governance Statement

01/10/2021 Appendix 4G

01/10/2021 Annual Report to Shareholders

29/09/2021 Date of AGM & Closing Date for Director Nominations

22/09/2021 A1 Gold Mine Update Following Seismic Event

21/09/2021 Dispatch of Rights Issue Documentation Completed

14/09/2021 Application for quotation of securities

06/09/2021 Proposed issue of securities

06/09/2021 Capital Raising to Accelerate Development & Exploration

02/09/2021 Trading Halt

24/08/2021 A1 Gold Mine: Mining and Exploration Update Highlights

09/08/2021 Change in External Auditor

30/07/2021 Quarterly Activities Report

30/07/2021 Quarterly Cashflow Report

26/07/2021 Change in substantial holding

19/07/2021 Major Drilling Campaign Commences at Maldon

15/07/2021 Further Drilling Results from the A1 Mine

12/07/2021 Change in Substantial Holding

08/07/2021 Award of highly prospective copper-gold exploration ground in NSW

05/07/2021 Final Director's Interest Notice

05/07/2021 Change of Company Secretary

05/07/2021 A1 Gold Mine Delivers Record Revenues for Kaiser

16/06/2021 Decline Milestone Exposes New Mining Zones

24/05/2021 More Broad High Grade Results from the Queens Lode 

19/05/2021 Investor Presentation - The Maldon Goldfield

30/04/2021 Quarterly Activities Report

30/04/2021 Quarterly Cashflow Report

27/04/2021 Kaiser Commences Decline Development and Transitions to Owner Operator

26/03/2021 Kaiser Drilling Results and Operational Update from the A1 Mine

16/03/2021 Half Year Accounts

25/02/2021 Response to ASX Aware Query

22/02/2021 Kaiser Drilling results from A1 Mine

10/02/2021 Initial Director's Interest Notice

10/02/2021 Key Leadership Appointments

01/02/2021 Becoming a substantial holder

01/02/2021 Kaiser Drilling results from A1 Mine

28/01/2021 Presentation - High Grade Gold Producer and Explorer

28/01/2021 Kaiser Re-commences Trading on the ASX and First Gold Pour

28/01/2021 Quarterly Cashflow Report

28/01/2021 Quarterly Activities Report

27/01/2021 Reinstatement to Official Quotation

27/01/2021 Becoming a Substantial Holder

25/01/2021 Statement of Confirmations

25/01/2021 Top 20 Holders

25/01/2021 Distribution Schedule

25/01/2021 Securities Trading Policy

25/01/2021 Corporate Governance Statement

25/01/2021 Terms of Options

25/01/2021 Performance Rights and Options Plan

25/01/2021 Centennial Mining Limited Full Year Accounts 30 June 2020

25/01/2021 Centennial Mining Limited Full Year Accounts 30 June 2019

25/01/2021 Centennial Mining Limited Full Year Accounts 30 June 2018

25/01/2021 Golden River Resources Pty Ltd Accounts 28 Aug - 31 Oct 2021

25/01/2021 Constitution

25/01/2021 Appendix 1A and Information Form and Checklists

25/01/2021 Anticipated Reinstatement to Official Quotation

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