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12/12/2022 Proposed Issue of Securities

12/12/2022 Executive Directors Incentive Scheme

09/12/2022 Change of Auditor

08/12/2022 Gold Production Milestone

28/11/2022 Change of Director's Interest Notice

28/11/2022 Notice Under Section 708A

28/11/2022 Application for Quotation of Securities

23/11/2022 Deep Drilling Extends Mineralisation

14/11/2022 New Constitution

14/11/2022 Results of Annual General Meeting

19/10/2022 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports

14/10/2022 Proposed Issue of Securities

13/10/2022 Letter to Shareholders - Notice of Annual General Meeting

13/10/2022 Notice of Annual / Proxy Form

12/10/2022 Further high-grade gold drilling results

07/10/2022 Notice Under Section 708A

07/10/2022 Application for quotation of securities

06/10/2022 Proposed issue of securities

04/10/2022 Kaiser Record Gold Production

03/10/2022 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement

03/10/2022 Annual Report to Shareholders

26/09/2022 Date of AGM & Closing Date for Director Nominations

08/09/2022 Notification regarding unquoted securities

07/09/2022 Proposed issue of securities

07/09/2022 Kaiser commences engaging Euroswiss Equity Group

06/09/2022 Second Mine Plan - Union Hill

05/09/2022 Change of Registered Office

11/08/2022 Notification of cessation of securities

29/07/2022 Change in substantial holding

27/07/2022 Quarterly Cashflow Report

27/07/2022 Quarterly Activities Report

22/07/2022 Maldon Gold Resource - Updated

21/07/2022 New Discovery at A1 Mine

20/07/2022 Maldon Gold Resource

06/07/2022 Change of Directors Interest Notice

05/07/2022 High Grade Gold

23/06/2022 Becoming a substantial holder

17/06/2022 Notice under section 708A 

17/06/2022 Application for quotation of securities

16/06/2022 Proposed issue of securities

10/06/2022 High Grade Gold at A1

08/06/2022 Maldon Gold Processing Plant Upgrades

10/05/2022 Project Divestment Discussion

02/05/2022 First Drill Intercepts at A1 and Final Maldon Drill Results

11/04/2022 Quarterly Cashflow Report

11/04/2022 Quarterly Activities Report

28/03/2022 Drone Stope Survey Completed at Maldon

21/03/2022 Notification of cessation of securities

16/03/2022 Half Year Accounts

04/03/2022 Change of Director's Interest Notice

01/03/2022 Nuggety Reef Drilling Results

28/02/2022 Application for quotation of securities

22/02/2022 Queens Lode and 20 gt production

22/02/2022 Response to Appendix 3Y Query

18/02/2022 Release from Escrow Notification

17/02/2022 Change of Director's Interest Notice

17/02/2022 Notification of cessation of securities

16/02/2022 Investor Presentation RIU 2022

16/02/2022 Notice Under Section 708A

16/02/2022 Application for quotation of securities

16/02/2022 Notification regarding unquoted securities

15/02/2022 Proposed issue of securities

09/02/2022 Ongoing High Grade Gold Results

01/02/2022 Investor Presentation

31/01/2022 Quarterly Activities Report

31/01/2022 Quarterly Cashflow Report

18/01/2022 Kaiser Yields Profit and Achieves 36% Increase in Gold Production

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