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Maldon Golfields

The Maldon Goldfield is located within the central portion of the Bendigo-Ballarat zone of the Lachlan Fold Belt. During the acquisition of the A1 gold mine, Kaiser Reef also acquired the Maldon Goldfield Project and subsequently owns the Union Hill Mine (care and maintenance) and Nuggety Mine (historic) at Maldon.

Location Map of the Maldon Goldfields and the mining contract award locations

Historic production within the Maldon goldfield is recorded to be in excess of 1,700,000 ounces of gold @ 28 g/t gold. The Maldon goldfield is also home to Australia's highest grade gold mine, the Nuggety Reef that produced 301,000 ounces of gold @ 187 g/t gold.

The company intends to conduct extensive exploration during 2021 with the intent to re-enter production upon delineation of sufficient resources and reserves to support a recommencement of mining if successful. A location plan and historic long section of the goldfield is shown below:

Union Hill Long Section

Union Hill Long section outlining core sample grading
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