Kaiser Reef’s gold project at Stuart Town in NSW is considered prospective for large scale intrusion related gold systems. The project comprises of 100% owned tenure which covers the main historical workings and most prospective areas (granted) and extensions to the north closer to Alkanes recent Boda discovery (Application).


We believe this because of several important geological and production points within the 100% owned tenure that include;

  • Significant historical production exceeding 170,000 ounces of gold sourced from many relatively small lode and alluvial gold sources. No major source or pathway has yet been identified for the gold mineralisation.

  • Large interpreted thrust fault zones provide favourable structural setting for an interpreted auriferous intrusive felsic body.

  • Examination of publicly available geophysical data indicates that coincident magnetic and gravity anomalies support the interpretation of a large, relatively shallow felsic intrusive, supported by a coincident potassic radiometric signature.

  • Mineralised brecciated rhyolites at Quartz Hill with accompanying high levels of arsenic reported from historic soil sampling and drilling may represent minor subvolcanic intrusives related to of an underlying mineralised intrusive.

  • Government mapping indicates that the Project lies within a west-northwest transverse fault zone.

  • There has been no effective testing of the deep-seated intrusive model.


Recent processing of magnetic and gravity data at the Quartz Hill Mine area has shown an extensive gravity low is coincident with a magnetic inversion anomaly  which is interpreted to represent a large intrusion. This intrusion lies directly below a prolific group of clustered gold workings and is projected to come within 200 metres of the surface as shown in the animation below. 

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